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What is Podda?

Podda is a podcast discovery tool that you can use to discover podcasts by guest.

You can search podcast episodes by guest.

Is this site free?

Yes, you can search unlimited guests free.

Extra paid features include getting notified by e-mail whenever your favorite guest jumps on a new podcast, or subscribing to a custom guest feed.

Who made this?

This tool is entirely built by an indie hacker out of Italy, not a big corporation.

I make these tools with no team, no investments, and no CS degree.

Check out my other SaaS tools at rubini.solutions

Modern Wisdom

#314 - Greg McKeown - How To Make Life Effortless

from the Modern Wisdom podcast
published on April 29, 2021
The Tim Ferriss Show

#510: Greg McKeown — How to Create Spaciousness,..

from the The Tim Ferriss Show podcast
published on April 22, 2021
Huberman Lab

How Hormones Control Hunger, Eating & Satiety | Ep..

from the Huberman Lab podcast
published on April 19, 2021
The Tim Ferriss Show

#503: Walter Isaacson on CRISPR, Jennifer Doudna, ..

from the The Tim Ferriss Show podcast
published on March 04, 2021
Mind Meld With Josh Gonsalves

#23: Nat Eliason on Starting a Life-Changing Blog

from the Mind Meld With Josh .. podcast
published on November 09, 2020
Ali Abdaal

How to Stop Procrastinating

from the Ali Abdaal podcast
published on July 28, 2020
The Building a Second Brain Podcast

Make Things Easier for Your Future Self

from the The Building a Secon.. podcast
published on March 24, 2020
Not Overthinking

How do we make friends?

from the Not Overthinking podcast
published on August 04, 2019
Not Overthinking

Why do we like to be correct?

from the Not Overthinking podcast
published on March 17, 2019
Systems Thinking

SYSTEMS THINKING: What is a system?

from the Systems Thinking podcast
published on December 10, 2017

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